OCU Ministry and Performing Arts Center

"MPAC" Nears Readiness for Coming Events!

Last fall construction began on what is soon to become Ohio Christian University's Ministry and Performing Arts Center.

Little by little this flagship building began to take shape. The curious have watched the edifice emerge gradually from its foundation—like a Monarch from its chrysalis—intimating how bricks and frame eventually have arisen as the new 'crown jewel' of OCU.

As construction progressed over months past, those imaginings solidified into the fresh, new, and beautiful building that now stands at the front of OCU's campus to catch the eye of everyone passing by.  A new day is dawning!

Construction is nearly complete.  The school eagerly readies to move in and begin using the facilities: "Watching construction of MPAC [Sounds like Impact!], as it’s being called, has been exciting!” declares recent OCU graduate Austin St. Pierre.  “I’ve had the chance to go inside the facility throughout the construction period to take sequence photos. Getting to see everything take shape up close from an insider’s perspective, so to speak, makes me the more excited to see it completed and in use very soon.”

Once the first phase of MPAC is complete, the performance auditorium will seat 750 occupants.  The facility will house offices of the Religion Department and provide space for small recitals. The auditorium will be used for chapel services throughout the week and for large events during semesters, including the upcoming Festival of Carols, Revival services, and many other events.

Stay tuned for more about MPAC!

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