New OCUOnline Plus to Offer More Learning Options

New OCUOnline Plus to Offer More Learning Options

In January 2018 OCU is launching OCUOnline Plus, a new online program designed for traditional-aged university students who prefer online learning and also desire a community experience.

“Research indicates a growing number of students prefer online learning and are unlikely to enroll in an on-campus program. A 2017 survey of online college students indicates over half travel to their campuses throughout the year and desire interactions and engagement with students and faculty. OCU’s new Online Plus program is attractive to these students,” explains Dr. Lynn Lease, OCUOnline Plus Academic Program Director.

This program blends online and community learning experiences. The plus options make it unique. In addition to taking courses online, students have opportunity to connect with the university community and prepare for a career by learning, traveling, and living in various locations in the United States and abroad as they earn university credits.  Optional experiences include opportunities to plant churches in Italy, study with Summit Ministries in Colorado, attend classes and live on the OCU campus one semester, attend 1-to-2-week academic summer camps on OCU campus, take internships with start-up companies through OCU’s Business Innovation Center, and take internships abroad or in the United States through Operation Mobilization.

The online learning of OCUOnline Plus enables students to complete all coursework online. Online learning offers students a rigorous yet flexible academic experience with 24-hour on-the-go access to online course rooms and grades. Students have autonomy to manage their time to meet weekly due dates, but they won’t be learning alone. Students are part of a learning community through weekly online discussion boards, interactive learning activities, and occasional virtual class meetings with faculty and other students. Dedicated, caring faculty are available each week via virtual office hours to support learning and success. In addition, students have access to OCUs’ student support services and resources. Each student’s success is our goal.

“The landscape of primary and secondary schools is shifting toward more e-learning opportunities and experiences,” explains Dr. Lease. “Following this shift and offering our programs to traditional-aged university students through an online-plus learning modality enables OCU to serve more students in the coming generations.”

The OCUOnline Plus website will soon be available at Information is shared via social media outlets including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.  Be sure to follow @ocuonlineplus.

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