4.0 Students Recognized in Chapel Service

The January 23rd Chapel Service included a time of recognition for students who achieved a 4.0 grade point average during the fall semester. Dr. Hank Kelly, Provost, presented each awardee with a coffee mug loaded with candy. Fellow Trailblazers cheered on their peers and helped recipients celebrate their successes. Over 60 students were awarded.

4.0 Student Rachel Hicks says, “Last semester was my first semester taking strictly pre-law courses, it was really tough. I worked extremely hard to achieve a 4.0 and it feels really good to have accomplished this.”

Kevin Bennie, Director of Spiritual Formation, conducted the remainder of the service, stating it was time to have a family meeting. Bennie stated that in many ways, we are a family and that faculty and staff spend hours upon hours at the university, investing in the lives of the students. He then reviewed the university mission statement and reiterated that our faculty and staff go the extra mile so that students are prepared to serve in the church and society, and that chapel is one of those vital times we corporately gather together as a faith community.

The university chapel worship team closed the service with a time of dynamic worship.

Chapels are held every Monday and Wednesday at 10:00am and are open to staff, faculty and students to engage in worship and learning together.

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