Faith and Work Seminar a First on Campus

On Saturday March 23rd, Ohio Christian University hosted the Faith & Work Seminar in partnership with the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. Dr. Joshua Brown of Heidelberg University and Dr. David Beer of Malone University were in attendance, with Dr. Brown helping to facilitate the seminar. 13 students from various departments discussed Timothy Keller’s Every Good Endeavoralong with other scholarly readings on how faith integrates with work done in any capacity – in or out of the workplace. 

The first event of this kind on campus, the Faith & Work Seminar included students from nearly every academic field and year. With various focused topics including secular and sacred work, work versus leisure, corporate idols, and true worship, students were challenged to think deeper and push their peers to do the same. Students were able to talk openly and respond to the views of those around them. In this seminar, the participants were introduced to a structured form of speaking that gave experience to bolster not just their career goals but their spiritual development as well. 

Student Cara Riker said “This seminar was challenging for me as a Christian but even more as someone who struggles to have a voice at times. I knew I would be challenged intellectually and spiritually but the most rewarding takeaway was a renewed confidence in how God can work through you when you are willing.” This seminar was impactful for everyone in attendance and Ohio Christian University hopes to make it an ongoing tradition for years to come.   




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