Photo by Nancy Radcliff, Chief Photographer, Circleville Herald. Used with permission.

"Sheep Dog Seminar" co-hosted by Criminal Justice Program

Photo by Nancy Radcliff, Chief Photographer, Circleville Herald. Used with permission, courtesy of The Circleville Herald.

Ohio Christian University's Criminal Justice program co-hosted with Circleville Police Department, sponsoring a “Sheep Dog Seminar” in OCU’s Ministry and Performing Arts Center on February 7th and 8th. 

“Violence lurks in our communities, our Nation, and wreaks havoc in the global environment.  It calls upon our defenders, the Sheep Dogs, to take their stand” (Sheep Dog Seminars website).   

Day 1 featured Jimmy Meeks presenting The Three Pieces of Evidence that justify church safety practices and Carl Chinn walked participants through what happened at the New Life Church tragedy (Colorado Springs, CO - December 2007) and lessons learned from this tragic event. On day 2, Lt Col Dave Grossman, dissected society and spoke about what it means to be a Sheepdog wherever one is: the church, the school, the mall, the theater; anywhere and everywhere.  

It was impossible to impart all the information churches and society as a whole, need in order to create a safe atmosphere for their communities; however, it was evident when attendees left the Sheepdog Seminar, they had a good sense of what needed to be done and motivation to get there. Seminars such as this one is an invaluable, informative tool for leaders in our schools, businesses, churches and our students to prepare us in “defending” our flocks.       

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