OCU to Host Conservative Women's Conference

On April 10th, 2014 the Ohio Christian University School of Business & Government, Faith & Liberty Talk Show and Young America's Foundation will be holding a Conservative Women's Conference on the campus of Ohio Christian University.Citizens across the nation are calling for restoration and reclamation of American heritage. The Conservative Women's Conference is a time to learn about these issues from four of America's prominent female political activists. The speakers have insights, strategies, and experience to offer what we need to reclaim our American Heritage.The Speakers:Star ParkerOne of America's leading conservative activists, founder of CURE, the Center for Urban Renewal, Fox News contributor, and best-selling author of Uncle Sam's Plantation - How Big Government Enslaves America's Poor and What We Can Do About It.Kate ObenshainAuthor of Divider in Chief. The Fraud of Hope and Change, blogger, regular guest on Fox News, CNBC and many radio shows, as well as a popular national speaker, Kate Obenshain is a fearless defender of liberty.Ashley PratteAs Director of Communications and Media Outreach for Young America's Foundation (YAF) and former Director & Press Assistant to Congressman Frank Guinta, Ashley is a favorite of Fox News for her insight on the political views of young adults on Obamacare, government economic policy, and how to energize young Americans to be involved in the political process.

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