The following article appeared in the Churches of Christ in Christian Union (CCCU) newsletter in the summer of 2021. Michael Tipton, CCCU Missions Superintendent, has given permission to republish this article on our website.

A strong and vibrant missions program at Ohio Christian University (OCU) is a key component of developing our Great Commission Movement. For decades, OCU has trained highly skilled missionaries who have taken the Gospel to some of the hardest and most unreachable places on the planet. Today, nearly 70% of our CCCU Missionaries are OCU alumni.

Over the course of the last year, OCU undertook a strategic review of its missions program. Focused on designing a cutting-edge program, OCU sought the input of mission organizations, leaders, and stakeholders from across the Holiness Movement.

After months of analysis, collaboration, and dreaming about how to prepare the next generation of cross-cultural missionaries, OCU is launching a new Bachelor of Arts in Global Missions. The new BA in Global Missions will prepare students to minister around the world. It will equip students with essential biblical and theological knowledge and skills, as well as the missiological tools and experience needed to communicate the gospel and make disciples among the nations.

The new Bachelor of Arts in Global Missions is comprised of three core components: (1) Global Missions, (2) Biblical Studies, and (3) Biblical, Systematic, and Historical Theology. Students will earn 18 credit hours in each of these areas in addition to their general education requirements. Students will have the opportunity to take key courses such as Evangelism and Discipleship, Apologetics in a Pluralistic World, and Anthropology for Christian Mission. These courses and others like them will equip students to engage lost people from across the spectrum of cultures, beliefs, and experiences.

Students will also be required to complete a Cross-Cultural Internship. Additionally, they will have the opportunity join mission trips sponsored by World Gospel Mission during spring, summer, and winter breaks. These experiences will be invaluable in helping students discern and confirm their calling.

In addition to the new major in Global Missions, students in other majors may earn a Minor in Global Missions by completing 18 credit hours in select courses from the major. Likewise, non-degree students can earn a Certificate in Global Missions by completing the same 18 credit hours.

“We are thrilled to launch these new Global Missions programs,” says Dr. Caleb Friedeman, David A. Case Chair of Theology and Ministry. “They have emerged from strategic collaboration between OCU’s administration, the Theology and Ministry faculty, and leaders who are on the cutting edge of cross-cultural missions. OCU has a rich history of preparing missionaries to carry the gospel to the ends of the earth, and these new programs will allow us to extend that legacy into the twenty-first century for the glory of God.”

There has never been a better time for CCCU students to enroll at OCU. OCU recently announced an exciting new scholarship specifically for CCCU students: the “We Are One Scholarship.”[1] This scholarship provides $9,000 per year to each CCCU student enrolled in weekday classes on OCU’s Main Campus.