OCU Morrow Student Publishes 'Jesus Music' Collection

Atlanta-native Portia Rene' is a new worship and contemporary gospel artist and OCU Morrow student whose passion is spreading Jesus’ message. She is an out-of-the-box singer with an out-of-the-box message.

Portia considers her genre ‘Jesus Music’. “God revealed to me in a very slow process that worship songs aren’t just a genre of music,” she explains. “Worship songs are declarations and prayers. They are our gateway to glory—how we recite God’s word back to Him. There is no way that these declarations may be subsumed into a single genre.”

Portia sees herself as an innovator in ministry and music: “I want to create synergy between the different gospel genres. I want Christian artists to become more connected. I want to be a trailblazer and channel who helps merge genres.” 

Portia believes true artistry is defined by the life we live. Her walk is a true testament of that. Her path of faith has led her into an effective ministry. From her service in the Rebirth Church of Atlanta as Youth Pastor to her dedication as an educator in Atlanta’s School system, Portia believes God has called her to be a beacon wherever she treads. Whatever the setting, whether classroom, sanctuary, or amphitheater, she is taking Jesus with her.

Portia’s journey is a unique one of redemption and rebuilding and an inspiration for everyone. Her new The Rebuild EP is a masterpiece collection of recordings of her worship songs–eclectic, acoustic, traditional, and inspirational music. The Rebuild EP takes listeners on a journey within every track. “I believe there is something for everyone in this perennial body of work,” she explains.

Title track “The Rebuild,” will strike your heart strings with its allegorical affection. “Brand New” is a declaration of change and newness sung with a sultry and contemporary acoustic feel. “Yes” is a simple but powerful affirmation ballad. “Victory” will for sure put you on your toes, literally, with its upbeat tempo and traditional feel.

The ReBuild EP is now available on all digital outlets.

The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone. - Psalms 118:22. NKJ

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