The Ohio Christian University Cabinet has acknowledged that it is in the best interest of the student body to close new enrollment in the OnlinePlus program.  It has been determined by the OCU Cabinet that students looking for campus experiences and online classes will be better served by joining larger cohorts in the Adult Online (online undergraduate) Program or the Campus Program (traditional undergraduate).

The Cabinet is reducing the complexity and redundancy Ohio Christian University departments afforded the Online Plus program to make it the success it had been.  The Cabinet therefore expects a measurable increase in quality of service experienced by the students as staff productivity, faculty attention, and other resources previously portioned by the OnlinePlus program are reoriented toward the Campus and Online student bodies.

For students currently enrolled in the OnlinePlus program, the guidance counselors, admissions staff, and registrar department staff are working to facilitate all current degrees with Online or Campus offerings.  The staff does so expecting the students' ultimate graduation expectations to be fulfilled with the least amount of change as possible.  The OCU Cabinet expects very positive outcomes for our currently enrolled students in this regard.

As of the Spring 2023 semester, OnlinePlus will not be offered.  Students are encouraged to consider Online or Campus programs that Ohio Christian University is continually working on to improve and enhance.