OCU Relief Group Constructs Multipurpose Building in Haiti

Ohio Christian University is continuing to support the hurting people of Haiti.  OCU recently sent another relief trip to Haiti.  This latest 10-person team traveled to Haiti Sept. 4 through 11. The group included OCU trustee Gary Uber and alumnus J.J. Bradley. Bryan Irvine, the team leader, is currently a student in OCU's new M.A. in Ministry program, and parent of Ashley Irvine, who is majoring in Disaster Management and Relief program.

The group constructed a 38 x 48 pole-barn that will be used for multiple purposes, including a clinic, school, and church. The building kit scheduled to arrive from the U.S. was delayed in customs, and so the team had to build using material purchased in Haiti and constructed without any blueprints. Because the kits are being delayed, the team recorded the process for putting up this type of building so it can be reproduced throughout Haiti. The entire building was completed in just three days. Irvine stated, "We hope that once the method for putting up the building is figured out, the buildings can be put up more easily by Haitian nationals and other relief teams."

Irvine stated, "We traveled through rough terrain and experienced bad weather but we were blessed and ministered to by those we went to serve." The next OCU trip to Haiti is planned for January 2011 to remodel and update a decrepit hospital. For more information about that project or trip, contact Thad Hicks at thicks@ohiochristian.edu, or 740-477-7710.