OCU Student to Intern at The Circleville Herald

Madeline McCain, an Ohio Christian University AYA (Adolescent and Young Adult) education major with a concentration in English, recently accepted a position as an intern at The Circleville Herald. She will begin her duties by learning their computer system and typing police and court reports for the paper. In time, Maddy could move on to writing press reports, and she may eventually be given her own by-line.

Madeline says, “Writing and reading have always been passions of mine. Ever since I was a young child, I could be found with my nose in a book. When I was given the opportunity to explore my writing with a wide variety of assignments in the English Composition classes at OCU, I was thrilled. I feel that I’ve grown as both a writer and a person at OCU. . . . I would like to give special thanks to Professor Conkel, my English Composition professor. She has pushed me to better myself and grow not only in writing, but in Christ as well. Thank you to all of my professors, for always being there with a kind word and a smile. I am blessed by all of you!”

Part of the OCU Mission Statement says that OCU curriculum “integrates faith and learning in a scholarly environment that foster critical and creative thinking, academic excellence, and professional competence. Our emphasis on ministry and missions extends beyond the classroom into real-world experiences that prepare students for a lifetime of service in ministry.” Certainly, Madeline McCain and many other OCU students live this important philosophy in tangibly serving in the larger community.

As an example of the scope of creativity and talent that our OCU students possess, Madeline participated in a recent OCU Poetry Workshop with OCU graduate and published poet Adam Hughes. He challenged the students to process language through a creative lens that perpetuates the communication of deep feelings through meaningful reflection and critical thinking about the essence of life. Maddy’s poem gives a sense of the scope of her abilities with language:

Still Remember by Madeline McCain
I can still remember –
A voice, soft and tender,
Recounting times long gone by.
That voice, so used to crowing orders
Harsh, gruff, cold
Was so kind for me.
I can still remember –
A wide grin, splitting a lined face,
Memories encased in deep wrinkles.
That smile was genuine
Its grimace of anger and fear
Long since lost to age.
I can still remember –
Callused hands, holding mine
Like delicate flower petals
The hands
Accustomed to grasping guns
Gave my smaller hand a gentle squeeze.
I can still remember –
A cross, heavy and steel
Almost garish in size
Once it had been hidden
Tucked inside an undershirt
Close to the heart.
I can still remember –
Legs, wobbly and weak
Arthritic hands gripping tightly to a cane
The legs
Once propelled him across French sand
Now shuffling against hardwood.
I can still remember –
A whisper breaking the silence,
“Child, it’s story time. Wanna hear?”
Yes –
Of course. I love good stories –
And his stories were fantastic.
I can still remember –
A passion for God
A thirst for justice and truth
A love for fellow man
The world was not worthy;
So God called him home.

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