OCU Student Studying in Italy

Ohio Christian University recently partnered with Saints Bible Institute (SBI) to provide students the opportunity to study abroad in Italy. Ohio Christian’s first student to participate in this exciting new program, Charles (Chuck) Winkler, has just left for his semester abroad in San Lorenzo, Italy.

“I was pretty nervous before I came to SBI,” Winkler admits, “but God has been looking out for me and I’m having the time of my life over here.”

SBI’s curriculum, provided in intensive one or two-week courses, covers various subjects and experiences, enabling students to earn 16 hours of college credits that fulfill requirements of their OCU degree.

After just a short time after arriving in Italy, Winkler is already enjoying his program. “I would encourage anyone who is serious about experiencing other cultures and truly experiencing God to come here. No matter the workload, it’s been worth it to be here where so much history has occurred and to enjoy the beauty of Italy.”

SBI works alongside Saints Equipped to Evangelize; a church planting team in a spiritually distressed region of Italy. The SBI curriculum is designed to prepared students for future mission at home or abroad.

“I would recommend this experience to any student at Ohio Christian University who is serious about making new friends, growing in their faith, and seeing the world. You really can’t beat spending a whole semester in Italy!”


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