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Ohio Christian Welcomes New Students for Spring 2020 image

Ohio Christian University is working hard to prepare for the start of the Spring 2020 semester, which begins Jan. 8. This semester, the campus welcomes over 20 new students, 10 of whom are transferring from Cincinnati Christian University following the closing of its doors.

The university is welcoming double the number of new students as last spring, so it is fundamental that each individual feels comfortable as the semester starts. “We have prepared the new student orientation schedule and have worked with partners on campus to ensure that new students will receive the information they need to be successful,” said Director of Student Engagement Eric Fehr.

In addition to orientation, the Student Involvement Council will be hosting several events including a Spring Opening Event on Monday, Jan. 6 to kick off the first week of the semester. The following day, Tuesday, Jan. 7, students are invited to the basketball doubleheader to be a part of the student section, otherwise known as the Blue Crew. “We are partnering with Athletics on Tuesday to enhance the game-day experience,” said Fehr.

On Sunday the Student Leadership Team moved back onto campus, including new members that have been added. The team consists of RAs and leaders of student ministries such as Awaken and Chapel Worship Teams. They are currently participating in training sessions to learn how best to lead and serve this semester’s student body.

With all of the work going into the new semester, there is one goal across all of campus, which is to have a successful and God-honoring semester. “We have all been in prayer for our incoming and returning students,” Fehr said. “We seek God’s blessing on a new semester for everyone.”