Ohio Christian University closed on their production, Peter Pan, Saturday, November 5th, and it was a record-breaking fall show for the OCU performing arts team. With 585 tickets sold, this magical show brought in lots of families and audience members of all ages. Needless to say, it was a big hit with the youngest members in the audience as they were transported to Neverland. Some even came to the show in their own costumes!

Ohio Christian’s very own Brandon Benner took on the role of Peter Pan as a freshman and a first-time performer. Hallie Graf (Little Women, Dark Road) played Wendy in her senior show alongside Alyna Whitmire (Hunchback) as the elegant Mrs. Darling and Abby Boyd (Dark Road, Hunchback) as Wendy’s daughter, Jane. Audiences also loved the glittery Acacia May (Hunchback) as a steampunk Tinkerbell. And while we had many other wonderful cast members that added so much color and vibrancy to the show, we’d like to give a special shoutout to Benjamin Woodland (Dark Road, Hunchback) for his hilarious and villainous performance as Captain Hook and Josh Cox as Hook’s right-hand man, Smee. Audience members raved about this dynamic duo’s wonderful comedic timing and facial expressions!

This show would not have been as magical without the help of Debbie’s Costume Shop and their Peter Pan specialist, Sierra Ohnstad. Set designers, Dani Carrington and Abbie White, also brought the Neverland world to life with the giant ship and sails, hanging clocks and gears, and endless hours of set work. And ultimately the biggest “thank you” goes to guest director and alum, Savanna Harlow, for her painstaking work on the show and her incredible patience with cast and crew. Thank you to these special people who brought the show to life and many others!

The OCU Performing Arts Committee invites you to save the date for the upcoming spring musical, Aida. We look forward to seeing what our team and especially Vocal Director, Dr. Bennett, will do with this incredible show! Performances will be March 31st at 7:00 PM and April 1st at 2:00 PM.