Psychology Department Offers New Degree in Human Services

Ohio Christian University (OCU) has launched a new Bachelor of Art in Human Services in response to demand from students in the School of Adult & Graduate Studies (AGS) where the online Associate of Arts degree program in Human Services is very popular with hundreds of students. Responding to requests for a bachelor’s degree in this broad discipline, the University established a new bachelor’s degree for all undergraduates—online and on-campus. 

The human services discipline fits OCU’s faith-and-service-focused mission. The program’s faculty are experienced in the field and bring their hands-on expertise to the classrooms to deliver an enriched learning environment. The program equips graduates to enter the human services field with classroom knowledge and hands-on internship exposure to five interrelated disciplines: social services, criminal justice, human resources, substance abuse counseling, and psychology. With this degree, graduates are prepared to begin making a positive impact in their communities. The Human Services degree gives them opportunities to enter career fields into which they are called.

Program electives enable enrolled students to earn up to two minors, in either criminal justice, substance abuse counseling, or psychology. Graduates are prepared for entry-level positions in these fields, as they will have learned to think critically and solve real-life social problems. Human Services bachelor degree students experience a capstone course with a practicum in psychology or internships in criminal justice or substance abuse counseling.

“It’s a really flexible program,” explains Dr. Larry Olson, chair of the Psychology Department. “Students are already enrolling. They appreciate the opportunity to explore related fields which helps them decide their long-term career choices. We engage with our students to assist them in finding their callings, particularly in the context of their maturing Christian faith. Our faculty, including me, have been guided by our faith and understand the importance of being well-equipped to serve others effectively.”

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