Follow Christ, Lead the Way

How does it work?  

Through a combination of Ohio Christian University scholarships and grants, 50% of each qualifying student's tuition will be covered with the Fall 2020 Commuter Scholarship. OCU also offers a  Payback Promise Loan Repayment Assistant Program

Who qualifies?  

New incoming students who live with their families in Franklin or Pickaway County within 30 miles from OCU's Circleville campus and will commute to classes. Students must be admitted and enroll as a full-time student in the  Campus Undergraduate Program  for the Fall 2020 Semester. 


“OCU is seeking to aid local students from Pickaway and Franklin county who desire to attend college while staying close to home,” according to Alana Bradley, Director of Campus Undergraduate Admissions. “We want to ensure that commuter students have an economical opportunity to pursue Christian education without the additional stress of relocating for college.” 


What's the next step? 


Submit Admission Requirements




Contact Admissions: 

Call: 740-477-7701 

Text: 740-495-6018