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First 2018 Orientation Day Biggest Ever!

Seventy-eight newly enrolled Ohio Christian University students, including nine transferring in from other schools, attended the day-long initial orientation with luncheon and campus tours.

This day was the first of OCU’s several annual spring and summer orientation days.  The next days are scheduled for June 8 and 29. 

Many students were accompanied by parents who appeared as eager to learn about the University experience as their daughters and sons.

The day began at 8:30 am with a continental breakfast and concluded after walking tours of campus facilities.  Cool-to-warm sunny weather prevailed to enhance the pleasure of this first-day experience.

“This year’s Registration Day was great!” exclaimed Kevin Edwards, Director of Residential Enrollment, “We began preparing for this initial orientation in December, collaborating with Student Development and Financial Aid staff to ensure the new students and their parents received the best possible orientation.  My impression from observing the informational sessions and panel discussions is that everything went better than expected.  There was great anticipation, and the team exceeded expectation.  Students and parents were pleased.  It was an awesome day, just terrific.”

The incoming class divided into three cohorts for efficiency.  First, students and parents split into groups for getting-acquainted networking.  Then, an informative panel addressed commonly asked questions, followed by a briefing with Financial Aid staff on the many options for grants and scholarships.

Students registered for their classes.  Campus Security Office provided ID cards and parking passes.  And, the tutoring and coaching/mentoring staff gave an overview of valuable services available to new enrollees that they can use to become successful OCU students.

Topic-specific sessions covered student development, residential housing, commuting, the computer lab, athletics, musical instrument and choir auditions, and optional tours for athletes and musicians.   During lunch in the Dining Hall, students and parents were invited to meet faculty who were seated at tables displaying banners and posters identifying their academic departments and disciplines.

This orientation day excelled in showcasing the University’s welcoming family hospitality, demonstrating its Christian core values and trailblazing goodwill.

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