Dr. Walter Kaiser, Jr. Speaks at OCU Event

Dr. Walter Kaiser, Jr. Speaks at OCU

Dr. Walter Kaiser, world-renowned Old Testament scholar, was the guest lecturer at Ohio Christian University’s Religion Faculty Retreat that took place August 18, 2015, in the Maxwell Library.

Dr. Kaiser shared his view on how a Christian university functions in tandem with the Gospel saying, “I’ve endorsed the concept of a Christian university because I’ve been all my life in education, and I sense that that’s a great mission to put the whole concept of Christianity [into practice.] Yet, it focuses in on a “uni”-versity — a one song —so that we begin to understand that God the Creator and Christ the Redeemer formed one great plan in unity of God. So, it’s a delight to be here and to share this great goal together.”

Dr. Kaiser is the Colman M. Mockler distinguished Professor of Old Testament and President Emeritus of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary where he served as the seminary’s president from 1997-2006.

Prior to his tenure at Gordon-Conwell, Dr. Kaiser taught Bible and archaeology at Wheaton College, Wheaton Illinois and taught at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in several capacities. Dr. Kaiser currently serves on the boards of several Christian organizations. He has contributed to many publications including, Journal for the Study of Old Testament, Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, Christianity Today, Westminster Theological Journal, and Evangelical Quarterly. He has also written numerous books: Toward an Old Testament Theology, Hard Sayings of the Old Testament, The Messiah in the Old Testament, and co-authored An Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics: The Search for Meaning and NIV Archaeological Study Bible.

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