Mike Holbrook

Alumnus Profile: Mike Holbrook Elected CCCU General Superintendent

Reverend Michael E. Holbrook (‘78) was elected General Superintendent at the 36th General Council of Churches of Christ in Christian Union, held at Ohio Christian University in June, 2018.

Believing God wanted him to attend Circleville Bible College (CBC), now Ohio Christian University (OCU), Holbrook enrolled and while a student joined the college quartet, working also as Associate Pastor at Circleville First Church.

Holbrook, ordained in 1979, has served CCCU most recently as District Superintendent of the South Central District.  Previously, he served the University as Director of Enrollment Services and Vice President for Enrollment Services under Presidents Doug Carter and David Van Hoose.

Reverend Holbrook has a passion for leading people to Christ, for preaching Holiness according to Wesleyan-Arminian doctrine, for evangelism, and for helping grow churches.

Reflecting on what affected him most as a student, Holbrook declares, “Above all, my Chapel experience helped me grow spiritually.  Traveling and singing in the school quartet gave me opportunities to minister.  The school’s spiritual focus had a powerful positive impact, supported by fellowship with students.  I was growing in God’s Word and was ministering, combining interests in ministry and athletics.”

Holbrook’s desire is that “today’s students take advantage of the spiritual opportunities OCU offers them to find God.  The greatest benefit of being a student here is the encouragement to seek and find God’s will.

“President Kulaga is leading the University to expand its geographic reach and academic strength.  As I lead CCCU, we want to partner with OCU in planting new churches and heightening awareness of God through evangelism. We want to strengthen our pastors to effectively lead churches that make a difference.”

Holbrook shares his optimism for the University:  “The best people in the world are at Ohio Christian University. The future is bright, and the best days are ahead.” 

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