Partnership Provides Online Higher Education for Missionaries

Ohio Christian University (OCU) and World Gospel Mission (WGM) are pleased to announce a new partnership that provides education opportunities for WGM full-time missionaries, missionary volunteers, staff members, retirees, and their children. The partnership provides a tuition discount for OCU’s online programs: Adult and Graduate Studies Program (AGS) for adults and OCUOnline Plus for 18-24 year-olds.

"The AGS program is perfect for missionaries in their second career who want another degree to help them in their field and for missionaries who followed God’s call before completing degrees. With over 40 programs ranging from ministry to business with healthcare concentrations, OCU is ready to assist missionaries in equipping themselves for their fields,” explains Nicole Davis, AVP of AGS Enrollment.

“Through OCUOnline Plus, OCU helps support WGM missionaries by providing an online education resource specifically for their missionaries’ children, enabling 18-to-24 year-olds to earn college degrees while they remain in the mission field with their families within their service communities,” adds Dr. Lynn Lease, OCUOnline Plus Academic Program Director.

WGM engages Christ-like disciples to transform the world. The missionaries, often with families, serve in community health and development, medical, educational, evangelical, and church ministries. Last year WGM sent 476 short-term team members, 60 volunteers, and 229 missionaries to various places around the globe. Established in 1910, WGM’s headquarters in Maron, Indiana.  Learn More.

"OCU has a heart for servants who follow God’s calling. Our graduates enter the world prepared to succeed. We are thankful OCU can meet WGM missionaries where they are through our online platform. The flexibility of these programs opens doors that enrollees might not otherwise discover,” concludes Davis.

About OCU

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