Dr. Benny Tate Shares Inspiring Lessons in Leadership

2018 Pastors Conference Shares Lessons in Leadership

The Pastors Conference of the 2018 Leadership Forum provided inspiring sessions that shared valuable lessons in pastoral leadership.

The Conference began with inspirational worship led by Ohio Christian University’s ABLAZE student music and vocal group singing spirit-filled songs and hymns of praise.  Their performance created a beautiful time for experiencing the Holy Spirit’s refreshing presence.

Keynote speaker Dr. Benny Tate, Senior Pastor of the Rock Springs Church in Milner, Georgia, presented encouraging instruction on how to “Build a Healthy Church in a Chaotic World.”

In his sessions, Tate addressed three important topics:

  • Lessons he learned from Billy Graham
  • What has helped his church to grow from 25 to 6,900
  • Need for mentors, friends, and young people in our lives

One of his most significant and memorable statements of leadership advice was:

Dr. Billy Graham taught us that we must simplify our message to reach people for Christ. We have to show unconditional love to those who have been broken . . . even in the church.

Dr. Tate’s message brought home to the attentive pastors and faculty that their good works in their churches, classrooms, and communities make them ‘heroes’ because they are serving at the front lines in maintaining and growing Christian faith in an uncertain and changing world.

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