Religion Dept. Event Connects Students and Faculty

Every fall, faculty and students from the Ohio Christian University Religion Department come together for Christian Ministry Connect (CM Connect). The interaction between the professors and students foster fellowship, encourage discipleship and provide an opportunity for everyone to catch the vision of ministering the grace of God through the good news of the gospel to a world broken by sin.

This annual event provides the opportunity for ministry students to acquaint themselves with the different majors and activities offered by the department and to connect with professors and fellow learners in their program.

This year, 58 students and 12 faculty members from every program came together for the 2015-2016 CM Connect. Students and faculty alike enjoyed connecting with those in their programs as well as those in other ministry programs.

For Professor Ben Williamson, CM Connect is one of his favorite events of the year saying, “It is a time to connect with students in an informal setting, and a time for them to begin to understand that we are a learning community. It’s amazing that taking those couple of hours at the beginning each academic year can set a wonderful tone for the months of study that follow.”

As a department, we are committed to supporting our students as they seek to hear, prepare for, and fulfill their calling to ministry. The CM Connect provides Religion faculty the opportunity to learn how God has been working in the lives of their students.

Professor Matt McKee, Youth Ministry professor and program director, observed, “This was a great opportunity to meet each other, share our thoughts, dreams, and callings, and even have a great time of laughter. Ministry is about networking and serving together and that is what this event allowed each of us to do within our ministry areas.” 

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