OCU students get real-world ministry experience with summer camps.

OCU Ministry Minstrels Perform at 29 Summer Camps in 7 States

Ohio Christian University Summer Camp Teams have been hard at work. A group of 40 OCU students ministered at 29 camps this summer in seven different states—Ohio, Kentucky, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Georgia, and Indiana.

The students were hand-selected through an application and interview process and received over 50 hours of training in preparation.

Student Camp Leader, Josh Dorsett, Middle Childhood Education major, shared his experience with camp teams saying, "Being an aspiring middle school teacher, OCU Camp Teams has prepared me for life with broken and hurting students. Real-life situations of camp have given me confidence in who I am as a man of God and a future educator. I have made so many lasting and life-changing relationships that will continue to enrich my life far past my time at OCU.” 

OCU’s traveling music ministry team, ABLAZE, is also on the road. This team travels year round including ten weeks in summer. They have been a part of many services including five camps where they led worship. These students were trained and well-prepared to not only lead in worship, but to be camp counselors and lead activities as well.

Please pray for our students as they return to classes this August in the Residential Undergraduate Program.

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