OCU Welcomed Siran Stacy to Campus

Ohio Christian University was pleased to have former University of Alabama football star Siran Stacy as a guest speaker on Tuesday, March 15. Siran delivered a message in chapel services, urging students to make changes to their lifestyles in accordance with scripture.

“God wants me to tell you: put your life in order!” Siran said; he went on to describe inconsistencies among the recent generation. He suggested that some students may be struggling with living orderly lives for Christ. “Some of you are masquerading as Godly people on weekdays, while acting like sinners on the weekends. You are either in the kingdom of God, or the kingdom of Satan – you can’t be in between!”

Siran says the key to living a more holy life is prayer, quoting Matthew 24 in regards to maintaining strong communication with God. “We need to pray for order” he said, adding, “When provision is high,people stop caring about each other, and people stop praying. We can’t let that happen.”

Having played football from 1989–1991, Siran no longer regards himself as a star. A survivor of a car crash that killed his wife and children, he now devotes his life to spreading God’s word. He is currently a motivational speaker with the Elliemae Shelly Foundation, an organization that aims to “reach the world for Jesus!” In doing so, Siran desires to help others realize their identity in Christ.

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