OCU Welcomes WGM Coordinator to Campus

Ohio Christian University’s Global Café was pleased to welcome Dr. Joy Phillips as a guest speaker on February 25, 2016, as she shared her passion for reaching out to those in Kenya and South Sudan.
Phillips currently serves as World Gospel Mission’s Coordinator of Compassionate Ministries.Having worked with WGM for almost 30 years, Phillips explained how her perception of the mission field changed over time. While in college, she prayed, “God, I will do whatever you want me to do – but please don’t send me to Africa!” Obviously, her life took an unexpected turn when she felt the call to do exactly that.
Phillips also discussed the advantage of technology in relation to ministry and missions. She noted how modern advancement is a powerful tool to reach people, saying, “It used to take weeks to arrive at your destination by boat – now you can easily get anywhere in 24 hours!”
She also introduced the audience to “The Joshua Project,” an online database that encourages people to pray for unreached areas of the world. The Joshua Project allows the average internet user to learn more about those around the world by assigning a region to pray for each day.
Phillips urged the audience to respond to God’s calling, whether it be overseas or right at home.

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