Study Tips: An excerpt from our free e-book for homeschool students

The transition to college can be difficult for anyone, but it presents unique challenges to students who have been in a homeschool environment. OCU has created a FREE e-book, The BIG Transition: How to successfully navigate from homeschool to college, as a resource for homeschool students and their families. Below is an excerpt from the e-book:

In college, success depends on time management, self-pacing, and study skills... things that homeschool students have learned well!

Here are some tips and tricks from REAL college students:

  • Plan your study time based on the time of day you are most productive. Some people are able to concentrate better in the mornings and others late a night. Find what works best for you!
  • Study in time blocks. Breaking up study time rather than focusing on one subject for hours on end helps an individual stay focused on the task at hand.
  • Study difficult subjects first. This allows you to put the most effort into areas that you struggle with before you start to get worn down.
  • Make a priority list. Focus on getting the most important assignments done first.
  • Learn how to take good notes and revisit them shortly after class. Looking over your notes while the lecture is still fresh in your mind will allow you to realize anything important you may have missed and will help to make the material more concrete in your mind.

Want more tips on navigating to college from a homeschool environment? Download our FREE e-book here.

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