Salvation Army Red Kettle - Doing the Most Good!

Dean on Generosity - Kicking Off Salvation Army's Red Kettle Campaign

"How to do the most good?"  On Nov. 14, Rev. David Dean, Director of Church Relations for Ohio Christian University, addressed this question to Fairfield County business leaders assembled at Lancaster Country Club to kick off this season's Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign.

Reminding participants that altruism—thoughtfulness of the well-being of and generosity to others—means giving, Dean explained, “Studies show the happiest people are the most generous."  He elaborated on this theme, explaining that the “Generosity Factor” is a characteristic of people who give generously:  Those who have it are happier, stronger, and keep growing.  

For Dean, “Generosity is a commitment that brings joy, particularly when generous acts have costs and are sacrifices for the givers.  Generosity brings joy when it comes without pressure and is the result of thankfulness.  Generosity strengthens faith and draws givers closer to God.”

Donations into Salvation Army red kettles entirely support year-round projects that help those with the greatest need living in Fairfield county.

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