Samantha Roberts won $5,000 for 1st place

2018 Business Plan Competition Is Opportunity to Excel

On April 6 at the annual awards banquet, five finalists in Ohio Christian University’s 2018 Business Plan Competition received recognition and cash awards.

Students enrolled in the School of Business & Government® may participate in the competition. These students develop a business plan and present it to a panel of judges.  The top five finalists are awarded cash prizes for their plans.

Samantha Roberts won first-place and $5,000 for her presentation on Sami & Company, a clothing boutique that offers one-of-a-kind faith and fashion designs.

Caleb Norris won second place and $2,500 for his presentation of College Consulting, a hybrid consulting and educational service.

Kameron Seabrook won third place and $1,500 for presenting Open Bay Auto, a plan for providing automotive repair space and essential tools to repair automobiles.

Tristan Huggins took fourth place and $750 for his plan presentation of Fifth Down and Long, a multimedia sports entertainment company deployed nationwide.

Peyton Gentry won the fifth place and $250 for his The Spot is The Place to Be!, a gathering place focused on bringing young people together to play games, win cash prizes, eat local food, watch their favorite sports teams, and hear some great local bands.

First-round competition judges were Dr. Monty Lobb, Dean, and Professor Dale Lear, Business Program Director.  Final-round judges were Michal Linton, Owner of Accurate Heating & Cooling, and Loralee Carmichael, owner of Famer’s Insurance and co-founder of VIP Waste Systems.

The School of Business & Government® sponsored the 2018 Business Plan Competition whose purpose is to give students a near real-world opportunity to develop a business plan and present it to a panel of distinguished businesspersons.  Students receive valuable entrepreneurial experience in creating a business opportunity that can result in a cash award.

In addition to gaining career development experience from this exercise, competing students:

  • Receive a near real-world learning experience in pitching a business opportunity to businesspersons experienced in evaluating the quality, viability, and potential of a business plan.
  • Obtain faculty advisor advice and counsel during plan development.
  • Receive individual feedback from the businessperson judges.
  • Obtain valuable experience to assist in building the student’s resume.
  • Learn the value of planning to obtain funding for a business opportunity.

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