Prof. Monty Lobb Speaks at Ukrainian Celebration of Reformation

Professor Monty Lobb traveled to Kiev, Ukraine to speak at the 500th anniversary celebration of the Reformation in early November. In greeting to assembly, he spoke about the importance of integrating Christian character into personal relationships to build better community. He also presented on the value of a Christian education in a program session. 

For two days Ukrainians listened to pastors, members of parliament, cabinet ministers, and foreign guests share and worshipped, led by praise bands from across Ukraine and the Ukrainian National Symphony and Chorus. 

The Association of Ukrainian Protestant Churches and Ukraine’s Parliament sponsored the event and invited Lobb to speak. Churches in Ukraine have been celebrating the Reformation’s 500th anniversary all year. The event was inspired from 300,000 people flooding Kiev’s main square to commemorate their 1st national Thanksgiving. 

OCU’s participation has sparked conversation about how OCU can collaborate with Ukrainian Christians in government, education, ministry, business, and law enforcement to adopt best practices and character formation. Now interest is expressed in partnering with a Ukrainian university for a study abroad program, joint degrees, and opportunity for Ukrainian students to study at OCU.

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