Students pose for a picture at the Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy

Students visit Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy

On November 18, 2015, several Criminal Justice students and Criminal Law students traveled to Columbus OH, where they visited the Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy.  Lieutenant Click was their tour guide for the visit.  The first part of the tour took the students to the classroom area where Lieutenant Click provided an overview of what a cadet would experience in the classroom and basic standards of conduct.  Second, the students visited the indoor firing range, were given an overview of the types of weapons used on the range, and informed on the course of fire the cadets and Troopers were required to complete not only in training, but on a semi-annual basis.  The students also experienced “dorm life”, and had the opportunity to see where the cadets are housed during their training and observed in real-time, the standards of appearance, and attention to detail each cadet is required to display on a daily basis.  The highlight of the visit was the simulation area where cadets conduct “live fire” scenarios with simunitions and a “mock” highway patrol vehicle.  Lieutenant Click provided some examples of exercises they would have the cadets perform during this phase of their training. The tour concluded with a tour of the OHSP Museum. 

The tour was a great opportunity for students to see what a Highway Patrol Academy is really like, and OCU is grateful for the hospitality of Lieutenant Click as the students toured the facility.





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