Jenna Wood, Executive Producer of the Faith and Libery Show, was one of the featured panelists

Successful alumni return for business roundtable

Ohio Christian University’s School of Business and Government was pleased to invite former alumni to return for a panel discussion on April 12, 2016. The panel included 6 former students from diverse backgrounds, each with experience in their field.

Students had the opportunity inquire of their past experiences and opinions of OCU. When asked about their favorite aspect of OCU, speakers looked back favorably upon their college classes. Jenna Wood,who majored in business management, said “I could always go to any of my professors for prayer; I was very comfortable talking with them about anything.”

The OCU alumni represented various degrees within the program. Their current positions included financial analyst for Nationwide Insurance, Business Analyst for J.P Morgan-Chase, and Executive Producer for the Faith and Liberty talk show.

The Alumni were featured as part of the Distinguished Speakers series, which offers students a chance to hear from a wide range of business professionals.

About OCU

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