Thanksgiving for Students on Campus

Spirit of Thanksgiving Prospers at Ohio Christian University!

One OCU student, Clarissa Crowley, has taken initiative to organize a Thanksgiving dinner and remembrance celebration for students remaining on campus over the holiday.

Crowley plans a 'ceremonial' observance of this traditional holiday that includes passing a thanksgiving card to each person at the table.  Each participant holding the card will describe a person, place, and experience from the past year for which they are particularly thankful.  This practice is a Crowley family tradition. After sharing their thankfulness, the diners will pause for prayer before enjoying the feast.

Prof. Angela Flowers and other Teacher Education faculty are providing some elements of the dinner, including the turkey, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and a dessert.  The Student Development Office contributed funds and supplies.  Crowley is extremely grateful to Student Development and Teacher Education staff who are supporting this event!

For Prof. Flowers, “This celebration illustrates how one student's servant's heart and thoughtfulness for fellow students enables establishing caring community.  It is wonderful when we can come together to ensure that students on campus feel loved and at home. Blessings!” 

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