Awaken Ministries Headlines Fall Revival

Garrett Howell, founder of Awaken Ministries, opened OCU's Fall Revival with a message highlighting how to escape ‘strongholds’ that weigh down people from satisfying their hunger to live Christ-centered lives.  He likened these ‘strongholds’ to buckets filled with bricks that people carry with them that contain their worldly, sometimes demonic, habits and obsessions, such as with pornography or comparative envy to others. These ‘strongholds’ may become so heavy they weigh down individuals and keep them from moving forward to fulfill the potential of their callings. 

In the days leading up to Fall Revival, Garrett explained, "I am thrilled to be speaking at Ohio Christian University's Fall Revival. The Holy Spirit will move with great power during our time together: I anticipate the transforming of many lives and God's Kingdom coming in a noticeable, unique way. I am already praying for OCU students and for what God wants to do this revival week!

"What I will share may be boiled to the word: advance. I'll share about how to watch God's Kingdom advance radically in our lives. This goes beyond living a comfortable, ‘normal’ life that adheres to the cultural status quo and American church. It calls us to live radically for Christ. Revival starts with one person willing to live a non-conforming, counter-culture lifestyle. That's the challenge I offer students.

"Seeing the Kingdom advance begins with giving Christ total authority in your life. The first step of revival is understanding the concept of authority and assessing where spiritual authority is in our lives—to what things we have given authority. Kingdom advancement continues when we have awe for the Father's heart for us, which occurs when we see His love afresh and feel His healing. However, the Kingdom demands we shift our allegiance and start living each day for God's will and reign. We gain a new perspective and vision each day of seeing Heaven come to earth. We'll spend time on this idea during the revival. Finally, we will discuss accepting the callings God gives us and His roles for us. I believe we will see lives change, perspectives shift, and hearts changed as the Lord Jesus meets with us in revival."

In closing the Revival, Garrett emphasized each student’s need to be open to hear God and to trust He will help them find their calling. Garrett invited the students to consider themselves as the living church, an army that will be going out into the world to fulfill Christ’s evangelical call. He prayed each student would spread the Word of God on whatever paths their OCU education takes them. He prayed God would fulfill students’ hunger for cultivating their personal relationships with God. ​


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