Career Services Offers Workshop Blitz

On Tuesday, September 23, Career Services offered the first Workshop Blitz to OCU students. There were 38 students in attendance for the three-hour event.  The Blitz offered students an opportunity to participate in a multitude of workshops all held in one evening to help prepare them to enter the workforce.One portion of the workshop featured Lori Bentz from Brooks Brothers Clothing, Jeffersonville, Ohio, illustrating proper dress attire to wear for an interview. Students participated in a tie tying competition as well as a scarf tying demonstration. Students also had a demonstration from Professor Ben Williamson on the importance of shoe shinning and how it should be done!After a short break for pizza and pop, students were then treated to a workshop on interviewing, presented by Dr. Dave Garrison. Susan Jordan, Hallmark Management Services, presented the proper dining etiquette and Jan Shannon closed out the evening with a presentation on resume basics.Throughout the event students received candy, door prizes of career oriented items and one lucky student, Ruth Van Sandt, was the grand prize winner of an iPad.   

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