OCU Hosts Spirit-filled Revival

Ohio Christian University hosted a Spirit-filled revival with Rev. Jeff Keaton, founder and CEO of Renewanation, a non-profit organization committed to the vision of offering every child a Christian worldview. Rev. Keaton delivered powerful messages to the student body, faculty, and staff of Ohio Christian University, focusing his messages on recommitting one's life to Christ, seeking His purpose, and following His will. Several people responded during the altar services, seeking God's work in their lives. Please pray for the students, faculty, and staff of Ohio Christian University as they continue to seek God's will for their lives during this semester. Hear a sermon from the recent revival servicesListen or subscribe to the OCU Chapel podcast.  

About OCU

Ohio Christian University is committed to offering a complete education that develops students intellectually, professionally and spiritually. OCU offers degree programs for residential undergraduate students, graduate students, and adult and online students. Every program is designed to equip students to become leaders in their careers, communities, families, and the world.