On Thursday, October 15th, over 315 Ohio Christian University students and staff served the community through Ohio Christian University’s 22nd annual Ralph C. Starkey Community Action Day. A beloved tradition at OCU, classes were canceled and students were able to implement the service attitude taught at OCU by engaging in projects at several sites throughout Circleville and the surrounding community. 

“Community Action Day is an important tradition because it sets a precedent for students to reach outside of themselves and serve the community they are in,” said Brooklyn Vander Hill, OCU’s Spiritual Formation Graduate Assistant. “It reminds us all that we are a part of the community and the value of going out of our normal circles and doing good for the Lord!” 

To promote safety, groups served in mostly outdoor spaces such as Mary Virginia Crites Hannen Park, A.W. Marion State Park, Downtown Circleville and around campus while following COVID-19 precautions. Additionally, athletics teams served together led by their coaches to prevent excess overlapping of students. Groups worked together cleaning up trash, renovating local parks and facilities, and building relationships with those in the community. 

Ohio Christian’s Director of Spiritual Formation Kevin Bennie emphasized the impact of the student’s service and how it reflected Christ to the community. “The students always serve with a smile and love to give back to the community that is their home away from home,” Bennie said. “All in all, we value service because Jesus challenges his followers to ‘be a servant of all’ (Mark 10:44) and we want to train students not only in their field of study but to follow Jesus with their whole lives.” 

In the spring, students and staff will again partner with the community to assist local churches with OCU’s annual Church Service Day. 

To hear more about the day and how Athletics participated in this massive service project to the community.