By Elizabeth Ennis, a Junior Psychology Major, Event Leader for the Student Involvement Council, and Treasurer of Craft Crew.

The events in Ukraine have created a humanitarian crisis that is weighing on the hearts of many people across the world. Last month, several junior and sophomore students at Ohio Christian University felt they needed to do something to help with crisis relief in the Ukraine and Eastern Europe. These students brought the idea of running a fundraiser for humanitarian relief to the student clubs which have helped to make this fundraiser possible.

Members of the Table-top Guild, Friday Night Live, Craft Crew, and Nerd Herd worked together to run a fundraising table with baked goods outside of the Blaze Café in the Hickman Student Center. When asked why she was participating in this fundraiser, sophomore Emergency and Disaster Management major Gabriella Egbert responded, “I don’t know a lot about what I can do, but at the very least I can do this.”

Students also recognized that there has been a lot of confusion about situation and why it is important to citizens of the United States of America. These students reached out to Dr. Bradford Sample and Professor Michael Burchett to organize an informational session. This session was attended by 75 students, faculty, and staff and gave students the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the situation and far-reaching international impact.

All proceeds of the fundraiser were given to East-West Ministry, a missions organization OCU is partnered with that is providing humanitarian relief in Eastern Europe. Anyone wanting to donate can do so online at