Quentin Detillion - OCU Teacher Education Student

Business Grad Finds Calling: Believer in Hands-on Learning

By Quentin Detillion '20

I grew up in Chillicothe and went to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. I didn’t know what I wanted to do then, so I switched majors a couple of times before settling on business, and I graduated in business management. I went home and began working for my father’s landscape design and installation business that he’s had for forty years. While in school during summers, I worked for him doing hardscaping projects. I enjoyed building patios, pergolas, walls, and walkways. I did that for four years after graduation. My dad taught me the ropes, and people asked if I was going to take over the business. But, it isn’t my passion as it is for him.

I had a hard conversation with my dad, explaining how I feel called now to become a teacher. He is super supportive. I still work for the family’s business as much as I can. But, now I am enrolled in the Teacher Education program at Ohio Christian University. I’ve found a calling for which I am passionate. Over a year ago, I got involved with Paper City Coffee in Chillicothe. They support a non-profit mentoring program that helps teenagers who don’t have a father figure or role model. I mentored and coached basketball with these teens at the Ross County YMCA.

I got excited about working with these kids. I had a realization that I wanted to work with kids as a professional teacher, particularly with 5th and 6th graders like those I’ve been coaching. I enjoyed it so much. Now I am taking courses in early childhood and elementary education, focusing on 2nd and 3rd graders. A cousin’s husband is a third-grade teacher, and I shadowed him last semester. He let me help run his class. I feel I have a calling for this now. My cousin is a good Christian man, and I’ve been able to pick up some of his techniques. I am attracted to this age group because they are open to learning and receiving instruction and guidance from teachers. It’s rewarding.

I started the Teacher Education program at Ohio Christian University (OCU) this fall with assistance from Dr. Valerie Jones. Her son-in-law happens to be my best friend. He referred me to her when I shared about my desire to become a teacher. It was quite providential. Dr. Jones has provided orientation guidance, explaining how I can earn my teaching degree in preparation for licensure.

I like the ‘constructivist’ philosophy that’s taught at OCU. It’s a hands-on approach to learning by doing, just like I did in learning landscaping. I’m a firm believer in learning by doing. I’ve already had an observation course at Chillicothe’s Mighty Museum for children. It’s a learning center similar to the Center of Science and Industry in Columbus.  

What's more, OCU professors are showing personal interest and caring about my becoming a good teacher. The Christ-centered focus here creates a supportive environment that encourages students to do the best they can. I made the best choice by enrolling in this Teacher Education program. The class schedule enables me to take a full-time course load even while commuting.

My thinking is I’ll find a teaching position in two years when I graduate. I’ve been able to transfer many of my Miami University general education credits to fulfill the base requirements. I expect by 2020 I’ll graduate and be ready to begin teaching. I hope to stay in Ross County where most of my family lives. Perhaps I’ll even find a position at my alma mater

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