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New K-12 Needs Intervention Specialist Degree Program Open for Enrollment

The Ohio Department of Education recently recognized that OCU’s Mild/Moderate Needs Intervention Specialist (K-12) bachelor’s program meets the Chancellor’s requirements and State Board of Education standards for bachelor degree programs that prepare graduates for Mild/Moderate Needs Intervention Specialist (K-12) licensure.  Enrollment into the new program is now open.   

Dr. Valerie Jones, Teacher Education Department chair explains, “We train teachers who have a Christ-like calling to educate all children, including those with special needs.  With the opioid and poverty crises affecting so many pupils, the demand for licensed intervention specialist teachers continues growing. This new major program covers the spectrum of special needs among pupils in schools today.  In providing this program, we are responding to meet this great need for intervention specialists.”

“The new program’s course syllabi cover everything student teachers must know to become effective K-12 intervention specialists,” explains Jones.  Upon completion of the program, student teachers will be prepared to effectively address special needs of their pupils who have autism, development disabilities, blindness, deafness, or are affected by other disabilities or trauma that affect their learning needs.  

Jones said this of the program, "Graduates will be well-equipped to be effective in helping classroom teachers establish the least restrictive and most effective learning environment possible for all pupils at any level from kindergarteners through high school seniors.  Our department is always going to be on the leading-edge of expert instruction for this career specialization.  Students enrolling in this major are placed right away with experienced working intervention specialists in nearby school districts so they can quickly learn first-hand what to expect in this challenging and rewarding career.”

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