Student Profile: Heather Tucker

By Amber Ginter ‘19

Serving others, loving children, and seeking to have a heart like Jesus is how Heather Tucker describes her passion for becoming an Intervention Specialist through Ohio Christian University’s Teacher Education program. With her focus on special needs, Heather seeks opportunities to serve on campus and in the community.

Tuckers’ key accomplishments and inspiration have been in the Special Olympics. She helps in training and competition of children and adults with intellectual disabilities. She has been involved in helping these individuals develop their fitness skills, performance goals, and personal relationships. 

Participating in basketball, bowling, swimming, and track programs, Tucker works with the ‘Team, Heart, and Soul’ program of 5K races that keep participants actively involved in teams. “They don’t focus on their disability,” Heather explains, “but on their personal development. The program challenges athletes to push themselves to be achievers.” Unable to participate in regular sports herself, Tucker joined the Special Olympics while a child to be able to participate in sports.

Tucker is involved in Miracle League, a group that enables people with disabilities to play baseball on an adapted field. Besides playing in games herself, Tucker takes on the role of a ‘buddy’ with less experienced players, ensuring they are able to learn to participate fully.

Having led the Groveport Special Olympics Swim Team to victory in the 2018 match at Ohio State University, Tucker describes its value is not just in winning but in meeting challenges and achieving noteworthy accomplishments.

Tucker decided to become an Intervention Specialist to help others as she was helped. “I chose to focus on the Intervention Specialization because the specialists and teachers who helped me made an impact. I want to follow their footsteps.”

With goals of competing in a half-marathon and triathlon, Tucker is aiming high with strong faith of God that she can accomplish anything on which she sets her sights.

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