CIRCLEVILLE, OH - On Wednesday, November 3rd, the Trailblazer Esports fought for another day as they went up against Keiser Lakeland located in Lakeland, Florida. Ohio Christian needed this win in order to see the next week's match become a reality and even though it took going down to the very last match, the Trailblazers were able to pull through for each other and get the win. 

The first map was Raid Hardpoint and the Blazers apparently needed some time to warm up as they dropped the map in a close 221-250. However, that loss was quickly followed up with a win on the next map up in Express Search and Destroy. This was an extremely close match and ended in a 6-5 win for the Trailblazers.

For the third map, Checkmate Control was the destination and Keiser Lakeland took a commanding lead as the Seahawks won the map over 3-1, defeating the Trailblazers. With this defeat, OCU knew what needed to be done and came back with a vengence on map four. This map was chosen to be Checkmate Hardpoint and unlike map one's Hardpoint match-up, this ended in a Trailblazer victory with a final score of 250-166. 

With the match tied up at two wins a piece for both the Blazers and the Seahawks, both set their eyes on the final map in Moscow Search and Destroy. Both teams seemed evenly matched and the map deemed to be a tough venue for both teams as well, but after 11 rounds of SND, the Trailblazer Esports team came out victorious and able to see another day. 

A few key stats for the match came as followed:

Trevor Howard: 1.53 K/D                      Jaret Gastin: 2.08 K/D

A highlight on the night would have to be Jaret's streak of 40-13 with a 3.07 K/D during map four's contest. 

The Trailblazer's final match of the CSL NACE League for CoD Cold War will come next Tuesday against Tennesee Wesleyan University slated to begin at 8pm EST.

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