CIRCLEVILLE, OH – The Trailblazer Esports team suited up for one last ride on the Call of Duty Cold War maps before they hung it up for the season. Tennessee Wesleyan University tuned in to face off against the 3-2 Ohio Christian squad. If OCU would have won this match, they would have made it to the NACE League playoffs, but fate was not on their side as they lost the match three maps to one.

For map one, the Blazers and Bulldogs went head-to-head in Hardpoint. Although it was the day to show out for the Trailblazers, the Wesley Bulldogs had a different plan for this map and defeated the Trailblazers 166-250.

Map two started to see the tides turn slightly for the OCU team as the Search and Destroy ultimately went Tennessee Wesleyan's way with them posting a score of 3-6. This map showed the Trailblazers that they had a chance in this match.

That optimism carried them into map three as they found themselves in an intense match against the Bulldogs and swept the competition with a swift 3-0 in Control. This electrified the team as they went into map four. Unfortunately, Trevor Howard's game crashed and kicked him out of the match, denying him access back in. This deemed a real challenge for his other three teammates and the Ohio Christian Esports team ended their season in a 3v4 Hardpoint challenge with a score of 75-250.

This loss gave the Trailblazers a record of 3-3 taking them out of the running for the CSL NACE League playoffs. Although this match ended their season, they still have optimism as this team will prepare for the newest addition of Call of Duty, Vanguard, and plan to jump into match play in the Spring semester.

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