OCU Professor Contributing Across the Country

Ohio Christian University is blessed with an outstanding faculty and staff who not only impact OCU students, but are also actively influencing their academic disciplines nationally. Earlier this year, Dr. Krista Stonerock, Writing Center Director and Professor of English at the main campus in Circleville, was selected to serve on the McGraw Hill Freshman Composition Symposium in Boca Raton, Florida. Additionally, in March of this year, Dr. Stonerock was asked to serve on a panel at the College Composition and Communication national conference in Las Vegas, NV where she met with 15 other professors from around the nation to discuss the changing face of first-year college writing.Moreover, Dr. Stonerock and Tutoring Center Director Christine Zimmerman, both pictured above with a group of OCU Writing Center tutors at the East Central Writing Center Association Conference in Indianapolis last year, co-wrote an article that was published in the Fall 2012 issue of the ECWCA Newsletter. “Reflection: A Messy but Vital Practice for the Writing Center Tutor” discusses the inevitable tensions that arise between tutor and tutee and offers tools to help alleviate the resulting friction, stressing the critical practice of self-reflection by the tutor.We commend Dr. Stonerock for her diligent efforts to improve educational standards and practices both for OCU and its students as well as students in institutions across the country. 

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