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The certificate in Digital Multi-Media Production will ensure students gain practical hands-on experience with the equipment and software programs necessary for graphic, website, video and audio production.

Program Objectives

Upon completion of this concentration, the student should be able to develop digital multi-media projects for use in a variety of settings.


  • This course will teach the students how to create and edit graphic images for digital media. Two types of art will be discussed, vector and raster. Both are effective in all types of digital media, but there is a stark difference and students will learn when to use each one. Students will be learning how to use industry standard programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • This course teaches students how to plan, shoot, and edit videos. Videos can be used to promote awareness through several types of media, like Facebook, YouTube, and TV commercials. Basic scriptwriting will be taught as initial phase for any video production. Students will also learn how to use a digital video camera, associated terminology, and shooting techniques. Post-production will be done in Adobe Premiere, which is an industry standard video editing program.
  • Students will learn to create a basic web page/site using HTML and WordPress. HTML is the foundation of how webpages are built and displayed. Wordpress is one of the most common ways of building a functional website, and it’s very cost effective. Course objectives will focus on learning the foundational HTML language in combination with how it is implemented in WordPress.
  • This course will teach students how to record, edit, and tweak digital audio. These audio techniques can be used to record radio commercials, edit audio for video, and create/edit their own music tracks. Students will learn about various types of microphones, recording devices, and editing software, such as Audacity. Students will also learn audio terminology that is associated with several types of industry.

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