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The certificate in Health Information Technology will develop professionals in the disciplines of classification systems, information protection, health informatics and analytics. Students will develop a strong background in revenue, compliance, and management that is used in multiple healthcare organizations.

Concentration Objectives

The Health Information Technology concentration prepares students to evaluate, implement, and manage applications for clinical classifications systems in healthcare settings.


  • Students will be introduced to the field of health information technology as it pertains to various health professions and how it revolutionizes every aspect of the health system. Many different types of technologies will be addressed in relation to health and medicine and the regulatory requirements of these new technologies.
  • This course includes an overview of the many laws and ethics pertaining to the healthcare setting. Students will learn to apply acceptable legal and ethical boundaries and still provide excellent care to their patients. Students will be able to resolve many ethical and legal questions that arise as a healthcare provider. Some topics covered in this course are professional liability and medical malpractice, licensure and certification processes, the law process including contracts and types of court cases, informed consent, privacy law and workplace legalities. Health information initiatives for national, state and local levels will be analyzed.
  • The course will introduce the student of the fundamental of the ICD coding systems required for reimbursement of medical visits, procedures, and tests.
  • Students will learn and understand the detailed history of the electronic health record and how it is essential to all medical professionals. Students will learn through utilizing an electronic health records system and how to protect patient information through virtual access. HRM | HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT

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