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This certificate prepares individuals who desire careers working in a marketing capacity that is specific to various social media positions.

Certificate Objective

Upon completion of the Social Media Certificate, students should be able to communicate through multiple social media platforms sharing brand-enhancing messaging through engaging content while using creative tactics that are visually appealing in innovative multimedia campaigns.


  • This course is designed around the interacting marketing activities of analysis, planning, implementation, and control. The course focuses on competitive and customer analysis, marketing strategy development, and implementations for decision-making in both domestic and global organizations. The course incorporates current developments in marketing to acquaint students with the present-day challenges of marketing activities, including the social, legal, ethical, and technological environments of marketing. Finally, students apply these skills and understanding to a real marketing situation and make recommendations for future marketing strategy and tactics.
  • This course serves as an introduction to the processes of media utilization and incentives to inspire customers to purchase products or services.
    (Prerequisite: MKT3000)
  • This course focuses on exploring basic consumer behavior theories and analyzes how that behavior can be affected by different marketing strategies.
  • This course examines decision-making for the management of products and brands in relationship to the product life cycle.
    (Prerequisite: MKT3000)
  • This course provides a study of how data analysis and consumer perspective are used in contemporary marketing efforts.
    (Prerequisite: MKT3000)

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