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Advantages Today and Opportunities Tomorrow

Stay focused on your career with our 100% online certificate programs. Learn specialized skills, increase your professional development, and gain advanced training that applies directly to your vocational aspirations. Our stackable certificate programs are achievable without sacrificing professional or personal obligations. Choose from one of our many options below and get started investing in yourself today!


Choose a Certificate Program:

Biblical Studies
Business Management
Coaching Leadership
Computer Literacy
Emergency Management
Global Missions
Grant Writing
Healthcare Management
Logistics Management
Ministry Leadership
New Testament
Old Testament
Social Media

Certificates Get You Going:

Certificate Programs:
  • Focused on Practicing Required Skills and Critical Knowledge
  • Less Expensive then Degreed Credit Hours
  • Affordable Without Financial Aid, Grants, and Loans
  • Flexible at-your-own-pace Completion Requirements
  • Convenient After-Work Study Fits Your Busy Schedule
Our Feature Benefits:
  • Credit Hours are Compatible with Future OCU Degrees
  • General and Elective Courses are not Required for Completion
  • Instruction by Supportive and Knowledgeable Faculty
  • Collaborative Learning Forums Simulates a Professional Environment
  • Frequent Start Dates Get You Started Sooner
Your Career:
  • Retain Your Professional Edge in your Vocation
  • Open Up New Advancement Opportunities Within Your Career
  • Stay Current with Changes in the Industry
  • Maximizes Short-Turn Return on Investment
  • Fastest Option to Document Professional Progress
OCU Online Certificate Student

Earn Your Certificate in 1 Year or Less

Move forward in your career quickly and benefit from having a finished certificate program in a year or less. Taking a certificate program in your chosen field of study provides a substantial advantage in the competitive job market without the extended commitment of time and money that an associate's, Bachelor's, or Master's degree program would require. Plus, if you later decided to upgrade your certificate to a degree, all credit hours at OCU earned apply towards OCU degrees. With a certificate program, you're further along in your career, your earning potential, and your future degree aspirations.

Out-Of-Pocket Affordability

Many students are worried about accruing high levels of debt associated with a degree choice. Move forward in your career by earning a professional accredited certificate without taking out school loans. Certificate credit-hours are our least expensive option and are most likely to be paid for out of pocket with the high potential for an immediate return on investment. You could earn your certificate in less than a year and quickly benefit from new career opportunities you can pursue.

OCU Online Certificate Student

Stackable Credit Hours Apply Towards a Future Degree

Our certificate programs get you closer to your goal of an Associate's, Bachelor's, or Master's degree while providing interim accreditation for short-term benefit. Certificate programs show employers you are dedicated to improving your vocational skills. Incrementally advance in your occupation course by course with our flexible structure that allows you to weave school assignments into your work responsibilities and personal life. Enjoy the advantages of a certificate while laying plans for a future degree at the same time.

OCU Online Certificate Student

Document Your Professional Capabilities

A certificate program is the most cost-effective way to gain entry-level training towards a new career choice. Build your knowledge in key areas and show professional commitment towards a vocation. Potential employers need to know that candidates won't be a training burden, but a productive asset if they are hired. A certificate shows you're well versed in a new career and ready to join a team of professionals on day one of your new job. Get the critical knowledge and job skills you'll need to succeed in your new career with an affordable and accredited professional certificate.

OCU Online Certificate Student

100% Online Accredited Certificates:

  • Focused training applies directly to vital career skills
  • Stackable Credit Hours apply toward future OCU degrees
  • Most Affordable Program Offering by Credit Hour
  • 100% Online Classes with Flexible Weekly Deadlines
  • Achievable in 1 Year or Less
  • Switch your Career with a Headstart