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Our 100% Online Master's Degree programs are designed with your success in mind. Our goal is to provide you with a marketable education that compliments your responsibilities, harmonizes with your convictions, and fits your financial expectations. Experience the personal satisfaction, professional fulfillment, and monetary increase a master's degree in your field brings.


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Online Master's Degrees in Pastoral Counseling


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Master’s Degrees in Internet Marketing Online


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Online Master's Degrees in Theology


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Online Master's Degree in Christian Counseling

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You Can Achieve a Masters's Degree

A master's degree sets you apart in your career field. Our non-profit organization offers you the flexibility of an affordable all-online master's degree. Our course structure provides you with the flexibility to decide how to fit education goals into your demanding workload of work, ministry, and family.

We know you'll calculate the ROI you expect for your hard work. To this end, be confident you can succeed. Our 100% online, 5-week courses each have concise objectives and due dates. These features enable you to design a schedule that works for you as you invest your valuable time in your online graduate degree goals.

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Empower the Passion You Have For Success

Our accredited coursework often includes for-credit interactive discussion forums. Exercise your networking skills and gain valuable experience in developing your abilities to convince, lead, and communicate professionally within your field. Practice using technology found in today's working environments while you find encouragement, challenging perspectives, and valuable experience from your peers and professors.

Decide to get your master's degree because you are worth the necessary investment of time and energy. Demonstrate your full potential to yourself and your peers by Ohio Christian's affordable master's degree courses on a schedule that works for you. We know you'll be very proud of what we can help you achieve professionally. You can do this!



Dr. Dr. Ron Smith, University President

Dr. Ron Smith, University President

Christian Non-Profit University

Unlock greater earning potential and experience more than what a secular institution could offer. At Ohio Christian University, we integrate faith and learning to create a uniquely holistic approach so you will grow professionally and spiritually. Excel in today's workforce and don't compromise anything for your faith. Follow Christ. Lead the Way!

The entire object of our mission – to serve the church and society – is to develop Christian servant leaders who will penetrate every area of society with Christ's command to be salt firmly in mind. It is our task to educate each successive generation of business, education, medical, media, scientific, and church leaders who not only do the right things but enjoy doing them. They not only find a calling but love being called and know the Caller. Not merely learned, but love learning; who are not merely just, but who hunger and thirst after justice.

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What is a Christian Education?

We empower the disciples of Jesus to fulfill their holistic purpose: to follow Christ and lead the way. Be confident that you will participate in an environment at Ohio Christian to succeed professionally. Don't suffer the distress of having your faith censored and discouraged as may happen in a secular institution. Be who you want to be and enjoy the enrichment of a college experience that encourages, not hinders your faith. Ohio Christian sets you up to thrive as a whole in the workplace without checking your faith at the door. Bring your Christian faith to school and to work in the form of character, honesty, dedication, compassion, excellence, and professional demeanor. "Whatever you do, do it from the heart for the Lord and not for people." (Colossians 3:23, CEB)

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What Are the Benefits of a Master's Degree?

A master's degree, or graduate degree, complements a bachelor's degree within a profession. Traditionally, it is a 2-year academic program that demonstrates advanced proficiency. While a bachelor's degree, or undergraduate degree, is the first step toward showing competency within a vocation, a master's degree provides the next level of accredited merit expressing mastery. Master's graduates can demonstrate to employers that they possess a distinct, competitive, and profitable advantage in their field.


Earning a master's degree often involves researching cutting-edge strategies, communicating fluently with advanced career philosophies, and leading others to achieve success within a profession. In today's global job market, master's degrees are an increasing requirement to enter many coveted positions, and advance in a career. Therefore professionals earning a master's degree enjoy the benefits of increased salaries and career advancement opportunities.


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100% Online Master's Degree Programs:

  • Excite and empower career aspirations
  • Provide flexibility for busy schedules
  • Offer accredited degrees at an affordable reality
  • Honor Christ through spiritual and professional enrichment