Ohio Christian University Begins Online Bachelor's Degree in Psychology March 2011

According to the National Center for Education Services, Psychology was the second most popular college degree awarded in 2009. Have you considered earning your bachelor's degree in Psychology? You can now do that at Ohio Christian University through the convenience of a fully online program of instruction right from your own home. 

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology equips students with a strong foundational understanding of human behavior and mental processes. This program prepares you to integrate Christian principles into your personal and professional life, conduct research in the field of psychology, and articulate various counseling methodologies and their diagnostic application. Ohio Christian University understands and supports your commitments to your family and career. Our program has been designed specifically for working adults. You take one class at a time from academically and experientially qualified instructors with textbooks and materials mailed directly to your home.

To learn more about the OCU online Psychology degree program visit our website at http://www.ohiochristian.edu/online-education/aim-information-request or contact us today at 877-496-8342 to request more information.