This certificate prepares individuals to lead in various ministries within today’s church and society.

Certificate Objective

Upon completion of this certificate, students should be able to apply leadership concepts to serve the pastoral needs of a local congregation.


    This course introduces to those called to ministry in traditional settings ethical codes that inform the critical thinking of care givers. The parameters that will be discussed through the use of case studies are designed to challenge ministers to a higher level of both thinking and acting as representatives of Jesus Christ. Such practices protect both the pastor and those to whom he or she ministers.
    MIN3015 Church Administration3 Credits
    This course focuses on leading churches and other ministries with a biblical worldview, strategic planning, and effective management of people and resources. Special attention will be giving to entrepreneurial thinking, planning, and leading for advancing the Gospel.
    Pastoral care focuses on skills utilizing Christian resources to sustain and empower parishioners and congregations as well as counseling skills appropriate to traditional ministry settings. Topics include relational, life-span issues, and crisis situations.

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